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Renine Metalloys is one of the leading suppliers, manufacturers, & exporters of Inconel 600, 601, 617, 625, 718, X750, 800, 825, 900, & 925 forging in Mumbai, India, offering best-quality products with excellent material properties, including superior chemical and mechanical strength.

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Inconel 600 Forging is a nickel-chromium alloy that is known for its excellent high-temperature performance and corrosion resistance. Mostly used for muffles, retorts, roller hearths and other furnace components and for heat-treating baskets and trays.

Inconel 601 has good mechanical properties and high-temperature oxidation resistance.and commonly used in various applications like radiant tubes, flame shields, retorts, chain curtains, burner nozzles, strand-annealing tubes, woven-wire conveyor belt and electrical resistance heating elements.

Inconel 617 Forging : A high-temperature nickel-chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy with excellent mechanical properties, oxidation, and carburization resistance at high temperatures. Mostly used in gas turbine hot gas paths as combustion cans, ducting and liners.

Inco 718 Forgings is a nickel-chromium alloy that can be strengthened through precipitation. It has exceptional strength & corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in high and low-temperature applications. It is often used within the aviation and aerospace industries.

Inconel X750 is a nickel-chromium alloy with good corrosion resistance and high strength at elevated temperatures up to 1300°F (704°C). It is used extensively in rocket-engine thrust chambers.

Incoloy 800 is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with high strength, excellent resistance to oxidation, and good carburization resistance at elevated temperatures up to 1800°F (982°C).

Inconel 825 : A nickel-iron-chromium alloy with molybdenum and copper additions, offering excellent resistance to corrosion in various environments including acids, alkalis, and seawater. Inconel 825 used in pollution control, oil and gas recovery, acid production, pickling operations, nuclear fuel reprocessing and handling radioactive waste.

Inconel 900 : A nickel-iron-chromium alloy with titanium and aluminum additions, providing high strength and excellent resistance to oxidation and carburization at elevated temperatures up to 1600°F (871°C).

Inconel 925 : Inconel 925 is a nickel-based alloy that is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion and high-temperature strength. It can be used in high-strength piping systems and petroleum industry.

Inconel, also known by the shortened term "Inco,". It is an alloy of nickel-containing Chromium and iron, resistant to corrosion at high temperatures. composition of this alloy is generally 30-35% Nickel, 19-23% Chromium and a minimum of 39.5% Iron.
As Inconel is made of Nickel and Chromium, it has outstanding properties like Corrosion Resistance, High-temperature strength, Excellent weldability, Resistance to thermal fatigue and more. This makes Inconel a special alloy for forging.

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Inconel Seamless Rolled Ring Forgings

Inconel Seamless Rolled Ring Forging Process

Inconel Forging Properties

Inconel forging properties are a hot topic in the manufacturing industry, and for good reason. This nickel-based alloy is known for its resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, and oxidation, making it an ideal choice for chemical processing,aerospace, & nuclear engineering applications. When it comes to the forging process, Inconel maintains its strength and durability, making it a popular material for parts that will experience high stress or extreme conditions. But it's not just its physical properties that make Inconel so valuable - it also offers excellent weldability, which makes it easy to work with during fabrication. All in all, it's clear to see why Inconel is such a sought-after alloy for forging applications.

The unique combination of properties makes Inconel Forgings suitable for use in a wide range of high-performance applications.

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This high nickel alloy is a strong and versatile material that can handle extreme conditions. It is used in different industries where strength and durability are essential like marine industry, oil and gas industry, aerospace etc. With its exceptional resistance to corrosion and heat, this material plays a vital role in many technological advancements and innovations. From jet engines to chemical processing equipment, high nickel alloy has proven to be a reliable and indispensable material in various fields.

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Inconel Forgings Specification

ASTM B564 is a technical specification document that lays out the requirements and standards for forged fittings, flanges, and valves made of nickel alloy materials. It covers everything from the chemical composition to the mechanical properties of these components so that they can be safely and effectively used in high-temperature and high-pressure environments

Specifications ASTM B564 / ASME SB564

Flat bar blocks up to 27" width and 15,000 lbs.

Cylinders and sleeves up to 50" maximum O.D. and 65" maximum length

Discs and hubs up to 50" diameter and 20,000 lbs.

Rolled, hand forged or mandrel forged rings up to 84" maximum O.D. and 40" maximum length

Rounds, shafts and step shafts up to 144" maximum length and 20,000 lbs.

Grades Inconel 400, Inconel K500

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