Quality is very essential for our company and we try to incorporate it into all our activities. We ascertain that we procure and import our products from established and well-reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, these products are checked at the manufacturer's premises in the presence of our quality auditors. Further, they are tested again at our end to be completely sure of their quality. We have stringent parameters set for the quality which are followed by all our employees. They see to it that the products are in accordance with the internationalstandards and codes.


We consider three elements to be essential for the overall quality of the company services :

  • Independence & Objectivity.
  • Technical & Scientific Quality.
  • Practical Benefits to Clients.

Quality is our primary aim. We are able to maintain high-quality standards through our committed personnel and sound infrastructure. We ensure that the finest qualitymaterials are used for our products. To ensure the quality of each material, we provide the Materials Test Certificate along with delivery. Our teams of experts maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. Every single piece is attached with test certificates and reports. We are continually improving our quality to serve our clients in a better way.


The quality assurance system is guided by principles that support our unique working culture which incorporates respect, self-management, open communication, and creativity. A strict quality assurance system is being followed inall our departments and Total Quality Management is applied to streamline and all the procedures and practices in operation to achieve a high standard of efficiency. Continuous efforts are being made for the improvement of materials through technology and equipment to give the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Quality Testing and Inspection
Quality Testing and Inspection

RENINEMETALLOYS uncompromisingly commits itself to conserve the environment, besides protecting it, and also striving for continual improvement in its environmental performance by implementing:

  • Environmental friendly technologies to ensure minimum waste generation, and effective methods for waste treatment
  • Compliance with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements
  • Methods to conserve the natural resources and other input chemicals
  • Involving all the employees by providing adequate training
  • Periodic reviews on environmental performance.

The policy is made available to all the employees and other interested parties.

OH&S :

RENINEMETALLOYS is committed to minimize the risk of injury and disease to the employees and others by adopting a planned and systematic approach to the management of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), and by its successful implementation with emphasis on:

  • Providing adequate resources concomitant with OH&S management
  • Compliance with relevant legal and other requirements pertaining to OH&S
  • Encouraging participative OH&S management amongst all the employees & others
  • Providing training to all the employees and others on OH&S
  • Implementing periodic reviews and facilitating continual improvement of OH&S.

The policy is made available to all the employees and other interested parties.