Renine Metalloys operates the business with value, trust quality, and corporate responsibility. We don't make short-term sacrifices in quality or corporate responsibility that end up costing our consumers more money in the long run.

Renine Metalloys began operations in 1996 and has shown its capacity to manufacture and supply excellent products accompanied by trustworthy services to its clients while adhering to rigorous confidentiality and EHS requirements in accordance with worldwide standards. Renine Metalloys is now one of the most competitive suppliers of high-quality products and dependable partners to many multinational corporations across the world.

Renine Metalloys grew from humble beginnings of manufacturing 50 tonnes per year to create diverse clients throughout the world and maintain a strong position in the global market by extending its operations to make 950+ tonnes per year. Renine Metalloys' is dedicated to the production of chemical intermediates for the Specialty and Pharmaceutical sectors in its state-of-the-art facilities located in Hyderabad, India.

Over the years, our unwavering devotion to our clients has earned us the title of "most reliable supplier" from many of our customers around the world, which we are very proud of.


Renine Metalloys has been operating for over 4 decades with domestic and international customers with open and transparent communication ensuring customer satisfaction and supporting customer success.

Strengths :

26+ Years Of Manufacturing Excellence.
Emphasis On Green Chemistry, Social Commitment, and Ethical Values.
Manufacturing Capabilities From Gram Scale to Commercial Scale.
High Quality Cost-Effective, and On-Time Deliverables.
Efficient In Project Management and Transparent Communication.
Respect Towards The Protection Of Ntellectual Property Rights.
Operations Audited and Approved By Large Multinational Companies.
Co-development and Scale-up Of New Products Through Customer Partnership.