Product Range

Our Renine Metalloys is engaged in open die hammer forged products. Jointly, HFSI & SFSI with their entire forging and ancillary facilities catering to industries requirement of virtually all type of forged product. Some of our forged products are outline here for reference.

Part Number Product Shape Dimensions Weight
1 Round Shaft/Rolls D=150-700 mm L=10,000 mm (max) 15 MT
2 Square Shaft A=130-1250 mm L=10,000 mm (max) 15 MT
3 Rectangular Bars A=130-1200 mm B=130-1200 mm L=8000 mm (max) 10 MT
4 Gear Blanks D=500-1400 mm H=130 mm (min) H=800 mm (max) 8 MT
5 Ring Forging ID=300 mm (min) OD=1800 mm (max) H=80-650 mm 5 MT
6 Hollow Shaft ID=300 mm (min) OD=600 mm (max) L=3000 mm (max) 5 MT
7 Sheet Plate 2000 mm x 3000 mm. 5 MT
8 Fasteners = dnom − 1.08253175/TPI = dnom − 0.64951905/TPI 5 MT
9 Flanges ASME B16.5 2013 ≤24 0.06 in (1.6 mm) >24 ±0.12 in (±3.2 mm) 5 MT
10 Pipes ID=300 mm (min) OD=600 mm (max) L=3000 mm (max) 5 MT

In addition to the above, execution of other products can also be undertaken in case they are commercially viable.