Waspaloy Alloy Discs are made from a nickel-based superalloy known as Waspaloy. This alloy is composed of iron, cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, aluminum, manganese, copper, and carbon. It has good creep resistance at high temperatures and retains strength even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations or corrosive environments. It also has excellent oxidation resistance and low thermal expansion rates.

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Waspaloy Discs have several beneficial properties that make them ideal for a variety of applications; they have excellent corrosion resistance in both acidic and alkaline environments; they retain their structural integrity even when exposed to extreme temperatures; they have high fatigue strength; they possess good machinability; they are non-magnetic; they can be welded using conventional welding techniques; and they can be easily formed or bent into various shapes without losing any of their mechanical properties.

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Due to its superior strength and corrosion resistance properties combined with its low cost compared to other superalloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel, Waspaloy UNS N07001 Discs is frequently used in aerospace components such as turbine blades or exhaust systems; it is also used in medical implants due to its biocompatibility; it is often used for valve bodies due to its excellent machinability; it is also found in pumps due to its ability to resist abrasion; Also, it can be found in nuclear components because of its resistance to radiation damage. We also manufacture Waspaloy Round Bars, Waspaloy Bolts, etc.

Waspaloy Discs

Waspaloy Discs

The main benefit of using Waspaloy Din 2.4654 Discs is that it offers superior strength when exposed to extreme temperatures or corrosive environments. Since it is cheaper than other superalloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel, it is an economical choice for many applications where performance is still critical, but cost savings are desired. Also, because it has excellent machinability characteristics compared to other alloys like titanium or aluminum alloys, it can easily be cut into the desired shape without any additional difficulty or expense incurred by the manufacturer. Different types of products are available, such as Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Tubes, Inconel 602 Bolts, etc.

What are Waspaloy discs?

Waspaloy discs are circular components made from a nickel-based superalloy. The alloy is composed of a range of elements including nickel, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, & other trace elements such as boron, carbon & copper.

What are the applications of Waspaloy discs?

Waspaloy discs are used in a variety of high-performance applications, including turbine disks, compressor disks, impellers, and other components in aerospace & industrial gas turbine engines. They are also used in the manufacturing of chemical processing equipment, nuclear reactor components, and high-temperature springs.

What are the benefits of using Waspaloy discs?

Waspaloy discs offer excellent high-temperature strength & resistance to thermal fatigue, making them ideal for use in applications where high temperatures and cyclic loading are present. They also have good corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

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Waspaloy Disc Specification

Standard : AMS 5544, 5828, 5708

Size : 15 mm

Thickness : 0.025 mm

Grade : WASPALOY® Disc, UNS (N07001), DIN (2.4654)

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Nickel Waspaloy Disc Equivalent Indian Standard

Alloy Name UNS WNR.
Waspaloy N07001 2.4654

Waspaloy® Discs Chemical Composition

  Cr Ni Mo Co Al Ti B C Zr Fe Mn Si P S Cu
MIN 18.00 -- 3.50 12.00 1.20 2.75 0.003 0.02 0.02 -- -- -- -- -- --
MAX 21.00 Balance 5.00 15.00 1.60 3.25 0.01 0.10 0.08 2.00 0.10 0.15 0.015 0.015 0.10

Waspaloy Alloy Discs Mechanical Properties

Temperature, °F 70 1200 1400 1600
Ultimate Tensile Strength, ksi 193 173 140 79
0.2% Yield Strength, ksi 132 112 112 60
Elongation, % 27 21 12 12
Hardness, Rockwell C 34-40 - - -

Other Types of Waspaloy Discs

  • AMS 5544 Waspaloy Disc
  • AMS 5828 Waspaloy Alloy Disc
  • AMS 5708 Waspaloy® Disc
  • Nickel Waspaloy Alloy Disc
  • Waspaloy Disc

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