Inconel Alloy 718 Nuts are a popularly used fastener in many different industries due to their strength and versatility. Inconel 718 Nuts are a nickel-based alloy used in fastener applications. They offer excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and good ductility at extreme temperatures and cryogenic conditions. The nuts have superior weldability and formability and can also be worked cold or hot. Inconel 718 Nuts are often used in oil refining, aerospace, nuclear, and chemical processing applications where reliability and durability are essential.

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Inconel 718 Hex Head Nuts are used in a wide variety of industries and applications due to their superior strength and resistance to high temperatures. They can be found in aerospace components such as turbine engines and landing gear systems, as well as fuel systems, pumps, valves, machine tools, and nuclear components. They are also commonly used in oil & gas production equipment as well as petrochemical applications where corrosion resistance is essential. Inconel 602 Nuts, Inconel X750 Nuts, and many more grades are also available.

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One of the main benefits of using these Inconel 718 Square Nuts is their superior strength compared to other fasteners made from similar materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloys. This means they can withstand higher temperatures without deforming or losing structural integrity, which makes them ideal for use in extreme environments or heavy-duty applications that require maximum durability. Moreover, Inconel 718 Lock Nuts have excellent corrosion resistance properties, making them suitable for wet or salty environments such as marine installations or offshore platforms. They are effective, which makes them an attractive option for budget-conscious projects where quality counts. Different types of products are available, such as SS 17-4 PH Bolts, Incoloy 900 Sheets, etc.

Inconel 718 Nuts

Inconel 718 Nuts

Inconel UNS N07718 Nuts are available in several different types. These include hex nuts, jam nuts, castle nuts, slotted nuts, coupling nuts, self-locking nuts, and flange nut varieties. Each type of nut offers its own set of advantages depending on the application need it for. For example, hex nuts are excellent for general-purpose use, while jam nuts offer extra locking capabilities for more secure installations.

What is Inconel 718 Nuts?

Inconel 718 Nuts are high-strength nuts made from a nickel-based alloy with excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, fatigue resistance & corrosion resistance. They are commonly used in high-temperature applications, such as gas turbines, where their excellent resistance to oxidation and high-temperature creep deformation makes them ideal. Inconel 718 Nuts are also used in aerospace applications, where their high strength and toughness are critical requirements.

What are the uses of Inconel 718 Nuts?

Inconel 718 Nuts are widely used in high-temperature applications such as gas turbines and jet engines due to their exceptional strength, fatigue, and oxidation resistance. They are used in aerospace and automotive industries requiring high strength and toughness. Inconel 718 Nuts are also used to manufacture valves, pumps, and other critical equipment that requires reliable and durable fastening options.

What are the benefits of Inconel 718 Nuts?

The benefits of Inconel 718 Nuts include their exceptional high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance & strength. Inconel 718 Nuts also have excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in corrosive environments in the oil & gas industry. Their high fatigue resistance & strength make them ideal for critical applications such as aircraft & nuclear power plants.

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Inconel 718 Nuts Specification

Standard ASTM A1014, ASTM B637 / ASME SA1014, ASME SB637

Dimensions ANSI B18.2.2, DIN 934,ISO 4032, BS1768, BS 1769

Threads Configuration ASME B1.1 2A/3A – 2B/3B Inch Unified Threads and B1.13M 6h-6G Metric Coarse Threads

Size M02 to M160

Type Cold Forged, Hot Forged, Bar Stock Machined, Bar Stock Milling

Length 3 mm to 200 mm

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ASTM A1014 Inconel 718 Nuts Equivalent Indian Standard

Inconel 718 N07718 2.4668

ASTM B637 JIS NCF 718 Inconel Nuts Chemical Composition

C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Mo Cb Ta Ti Al Co B Cu
0.08 0.35 0.015 0.015 0.35 17-21 50-55 2.8-3.30 4.75-5.50 0.05 0.65-1.15 0.20-0.80 1.00 0.006 0.30

ASME SB637 Inconel 718 Nuts Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi .2% Yield Strength psi Elongation % Hardness Rockwell B
135,000 70,000 45 100

Other Types of Inconel 718® Nuts

  • Inconel 718 Hex Nut
  • UNS N07718 Inconel Square Nut
  • ASTM A1014 Inconel 718 Wing Nut
  • ASTM B637 Inconel 718® Coupling Nut
  • ASME SB637 Inconel 718 Slotted Nut

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Trade Names and Owners of Nickel Alloys

HASTELLOY is a registered trade name of Haynes Intl.
INCOLOY, INCONEL, MONEL and NIMONIC are registered trade names of the INCO family of companies.
INVAR is a registered trademark of Imphy S.A.
MU-METAL is a registered trademark of Telcon Metals Ltd
NICORROS and NICROFER are registered tradenames of Krupp UM GmbH
RENE 41® is a Registered Trade Mark of General Electric Inc.
WASPALOY® is a Registered Trademark of United Technologies Corp.
NITRONIC® is a registered Trade Mark of AK Steel Corporation
ZERON® is a registered trademark of RA Materials

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